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Parents of Brockport Students FAQ

How can we schedule a tour of the campus?

Check out the Undergraduate Admissions Web site for information about tours, visits, and Open Houses.

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What is Orientation, when is it, and why should my student attend?

Golden Eagle Orientation for first-year students takes place the summer before they start at Brockport. We offer six overnight orientation sessions. 

The overnight program includes course information, academic requirements, and addresses the transition from high school to college. It gives students a chance to stay overnight on campus, receive academic advisement, and meet peers, faculty, and staff. Family members and guests are welcome to attend — we offer a separate program specifically for you. More information about orientation for first-year students.

We also have a specialized orientation for transfer students! New transfer students will have an opportunity to meet Transfer Peer Mentors, obtain their student ID, interact with other new students, and learn about academic expectations and resources. YMore information about transfer orientation.

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Does SUNY Brockport offer on campus health and counseling services?

Yes SUNY Brockport's Health Center is located in Hazen Hall. Some of the services include prescribing medication, appointments with a physician and routine physicals. The Health Center is regularly staffed by registered nurses and nurse practitioners.

The Health and Counseling Centers are open to all Brockport students. Those students who have paid the mandatory health fee are not charged for visits, although fees may be charged based on services needed.

The Counseling Center is also located in Hazen Hall. They offer individual, group, crisis and psychiatric counseling. The Counseling Center is regularly staffed by Counselors, Psychiatric Nurse Counselors and Psychiatric Consultants.

Complete List of Services

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What is there to do on campus?

Brockport, in conjunction with the Brockport Student Government, funds more than 50 student clubs and organizations. Some are more academically focused, while others are strictly social. Each semester, notifications are distributed to students through their Brockport e-mail account and myBROCKPORT, encouraging them to get involved and participate in these and other extracurricular activities.

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Can freshmen and new transfers have cars on campus?

Yes! Parking for freshmen is restricted to specific lots. To receive a parking permit, students must visit Parking and Transportation Services. Parking options include year-long and semester-long permits, car, and bike rental options

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Do students need to have a car to get around?

No. In fact, not having a car is a great way to save money. The walk from the high-rises to Hartwell Hall (the furthest distance students usually need to walk) takes about 15 minutes.

Should students need a ride to Main Street, area banks, Wegmans, area malls, or even downtown Rochester, they can rely on the Campus Shuttle.

There is also the Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority and Orleans Transit Service (OTS). These inexpensive public transportation options make stops on the Brockport campus and the Village of Brockport.

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What are my student's choices for meal plans?

There are a few meal plan options that on-campus students can choose from. Each plan takes into account how much and where your student plans to eat. The "all you care to eat" meals are used in Brockway or Harrison dining halls. "Points" can be used in any retail dining location on campus.

You or your student can add Points, and/or Easy Money online or in-person at Brockway Hall anytime.

Optional Point purchases, including Bonus Points, are non-refundable. Only purchase what you'll use in a semester. Points expire at the end of each semester and NOT roll over to the following semester.

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Are there jobs available on campus?

There are many jobs available on campus for work study and non-work study (or temp service) students. To find these positions, students can visit EagleConnect, or stop into the Career Services office in Rakov Center. Students usually find jobs at the dining or retail locations, Recreational Services, Athletics, the Drake Memorial Library, or various academic departments.

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What banks are on campus and in the Brockport area?

The following banks have local branches in the Village of Brockport and surrounding area:

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What type of housing is available on campus?

First-year students can live in suite or corridor-style residence halls. In the suites, there are two or three double rooms and share a private bathroom (residents are responsible for cleaning bathrooms in the suites).

In the corridor halls, double rooms open directly into the hallway and residents share a large bathroom (which is cleaned daily by maintenance staff). New transfer students have these options as well.

More Information on the Residence Halls

Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to apply for residence in our Campus Townhomes! They include four single rooms, a full kitchen with appliances (including a dishwasher), air conditioning, two full bathrooms, a partially-furnished living room and private entrance.

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Are the residence halls staffed with students or professional staff?

A Resident Assistant (RA) a student worker that lives in every section of each building. They are responsible for upholding the college's policies, and serve as counselors, advisors and friends to their residents.

Along with the RAs, a Resident Director (RD) also lives in each building. RDs are professional employees of the College. Together, the RAs and RD provide a supportive and effective learning environment. Residential Life staff is trained extensively before students arrive to assist students in any way necessary.

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How safe are the residence halls?

Several security measures are taken to ensure the safety of our campus residents and visitors. To gain access to each hall, students must swipe their EagleOne ID card (their student ID) before entering the building. After 8 pm, students must show their EagleOne ID card to the Night Desk Attendant to verify that they are a resident. All guests are signed in under a resident's name. Every night, an RA is available at the main desk to answer questions. Each residence hall also has a community police officer that assists in keeping the halls secure at all times.

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Does University Police actively patrol the campus?

University Police is committed to maintaining a safe and secure campus for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. They focus on crime prevention, deterrence, and personal safety education. Each residence hall has a community policing officer to provide information to students, and University Police patrol campus after dark on foot, by bicycle, and by car. They also coordinate with the staff in each hall to provide programming for residents throughout the year. Such efforts help build a strong partnership among University Police, Residential Life staff, and our students.

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Do you have any helpful hints for parents sending their children off to college?

  • Allow them to gradually take charge: It is easy to take over the college process for your student; make the calls, fill out the forms, ask questions, etc. Although doing so makes you feel at ease about your student's transition, it doesn't do them any good. It's time for them to test the waters, take on responsibility and make their own arrangements and choices. You may be surprised at how well-organized and prepared for college they really are.
  • Educate yourself on FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act): Your student's records are protected by the law and will not be released to anyone who does not need them for professional purposes. Family members are NOT able to obtain academic information about their relatives unless they have written permission from the student.
  • Refrain from calling an office for your student unless it is an emergency. Instead, encourage your student to find out what office to call and to do it on their own.

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How can I find out my student's grades?

According to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), only students have the ability to disclose information about their educational records after entering a postsecondary institution. Family members cannot obtain information regarding a student's records unless written consent from the student is given.

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Who does my student go to with questions about academics, degree requirements, etc?

Students are assigned an academic advisor. An academic advisor is not the same as a school counselor and offer assistance in a different way than your student's high school counselor does. For instance, academic advisors do not readily accept or expect calls from parents. Advisors are assigned to help plan your student's academic program, tailoring it to fit their career goals.

If your student does need to speak to someone about other issues (emotional, overall well-being, etc.), there are counselors available through the Counseling Center, located in Hazen Hall.

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Will Brockport assist my student should they have a disability?

Yes. It is strongly recommended that students visit Student Accessbility Services (SAS) before or early on in their first semester. This office works closely with students and faculty to ensure that students' needs are met. Among the many other services available, they can provide note-takers, oral and sign language interpreters, and tape-recorded lectures.

Although Brockport has many services and accommodations for students with disabilities, it is important to remember that the services students receive in college may differ from what they are accustomed to in high school or at their previous institution. At the collegiate level, it becomes the student's responsibility to self-identify with SAS and to provide current documentation of disability and accommodation needs.

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If my student is homesick and talks about coming home every chance he/she gets, should I encourage them to stay on campus?

Yes. There are so many great things to do at SUNY Brockport! Encourage your student to become involved in the numerous student organizations, activities, and events, and suggest stopping by the Brockport Student Government or Campus Life Offices, or The Space (all located in the Student Union) for more information on the opportunities available.

If you are concerned that your student is having trouble adjusting to college or you find they may need further help, you might want to encourage them to visit the Counseling Center where he/she could benefit from individual or group sessions, a workshop, or developmental programming. Sessions are confidential, and the highest ethical and legal standards associated with the profession are maintained, and are completely free of charge.

Whether it's a small card with words of encouragement, or a big care package from home, sending mail always helps. BASC has a variety of Good-e-Packs you can order for your student as well!

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My student is interested in playing a sport. What's available?

SUNY Brockport is a Division III institution.

Complete List of Men's and Women's Varsity Sports

If varsity sports aren't quite what they were thinking, your student can also get involved in club and intramural sports through Recreational Services.

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