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Dear Students,

As mentioned in previous communication from Vice President Jim Wall, parking permit refunds are part of the second series of adjustments related to COVID-19. 

Credit percentages for PARKING fee will be assessed for active (not expired) parking permits as follows: 

  • Full year permits purchased in fall 2019: 25%
  • Spring permits: 50%

The refund method is dependent on the original payment method used at time of purchase and is
anticipated to be processed by July 1. Example:

*PARK fee on student bill: Refund will be applied to the student account. If there is a credit remaining after all outstanding balances on the bill are paid, a refund will be generated.

*PARK fee paid via cash or check, will receive a refund by way of check mailed to your permanent address. Note parking permit refunds, with the exception of those permit fees initially assessed to your student  account (as stated above}, are not included in any COV/D-related student account adjustment(s) you may be  eligible for. Student Accounts cannot respond to questions related to your parking permit refund.

*PARK fee paid via credit card ONLINE, will receive refund on the credit card used at time of purchase. If the credit card is now expired and/or purchased in person, a check with be mailed to your permanent address.

Parking fine(s): Any outstanding parking fines are due and payable, and not assigned to student bills. To review your parking history and apply payment to parking fines, sign in to the parking portal using your NetlD. Outstanding balances may prevent you from registering for further courses and receiving grades and transcripts.

Registration fee in the amount of $24.10 is nonrefundable.

Parking and Transportation Services

Last Updated 7/1/20

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