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2019-20 Joint Planning and Budget Committee Roster 

Last updated 1/31/20

With initial term of obligation and date service obligation ends (may differ from normal appointment term indicated in footnotes, to create staggered terms). 
Where no date is listed, position is yet to be filled or term is indefinite for incumbent of that office.


  • Denise Copelton, Faculty (A&S), Ex officio, 3 years ending 2020
  • Jim Wall, Vice President for Administration & Finance, Ex officio


1Charge calls for staggered 3-year terms, selected in consultation w/College Senate; each School should have a representative; 4th position is open.

  • Summer Reiner (Education, Health, and Human Services), 3 years ending 2020
  • Kathy Peterson (Open), 2 years ending 2021
  • Elliott Weininger (Arts and Science), 3 years ending 2022
  • James Cordeiro (Business and Management), 3 years ending 2022

Professional Staff2

2Charge calls for staggered 3-year terms, selected in consultation w/College Senate.

  • Scott Haines, 3 years ending 2020  
  • Sara Kelly, 3 years ending 2020
  • Craig Ross, 2 years ending 2021
  • Pat Maxwell, 3 years ending 2022

OSU Representative3

3Charge calls for 3-year term; appointed by Admin & Finance OSU Advisory Board.

  • Sondra Aman, 3 years ending 2020

COSAC Representative4

4Charge calls for 3-year term; appointed by COSAC.

  • Kandie Gay, 3 years ending 2022 

Administrative Members5

5Terms of service are indefinite for incumbent of position.

  • Heidi Macpherson, College President, Ex officio
  • Katy Wilson, Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
  • Dave Mihalyov, Vice President for University Relations
  • Mike Andriatch, Vice President for Advancement
  • Katy Heyning, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Frances Dearing, Director of Assessment
  • Daniel Goebel, Dean of the School of Business & Management
  • Jose Maliekal, Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences
  • Tom Hernandez, Dean of the School of Education, Health, & Human Services

Student Representatives6

6Two undergraduate representatives and one graduate representative appointed by BSG for up to 2-year terms.

  • Meaghan Irving, Undergraduate Representative
  • Ed Ryan, Undergraduate Representative
  • TBD, Graduate Representative

College Senate Representatives7

7Each serves 1-year term as incumbent of position.

  • Jim Zollweg, College Senate President
  • Cathy Houston-Wilson, College Senate President-elect, Ex officio

Staff to the Committee

  • Crystal Hallenbeck
  • Karen Riotto
  • Melissa Wight 

Last Updated 7/1/20

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