College-Wide Policies: The College at Brockport

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All members of the College community (faculty, staff, students and visitors) are responsible for operating within the policy environment appropriate to their campus role.

This web site provides the College community with ready access to policy information to reduce risk and confusion and to provide a resource for policy management, development and review.

Contents include:

Campus Administrative Policy Development & Life Cycle Process
Ethics and Compliance Information
Policy Comments and Suggestions

Recently Updated Policies

Grade Appeals Policy

July 16, 2019

Students have certain rights to appeal grades as explained by this policy.

Academic Dishonesty Policy

July 16, 2019

It is important for students to understand that the College faculty and staff value student honesty and integrity as explained in this policy.

Password Practices and Standards Policy

July 16, 2019

The College has established a common mechanism — the NetID and corresponding password — through which individuals can uniquely identify themselves to the College, and through which the College can offer them the electronic services to which they are entitled.

Mass E-Mail - Faculty / Staff Policy

July 16, 2019

This policy establishes guidelines regarding types of messages are appropriate for mass email, and who may authorize the distribution of mass email.

Air Conditioning Policy

July 16, 2019

The Campus will strive to provide suitable work and study environments for the entire Campus Community. Priorities and decisions for HVAC improvements will be based on a variety of factors and criteria including common standards in the private and public sectors of our region.

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