Student Rights to Make up Work Missed Due to Observation of Religious Holidays

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Policy Statement

New York State Education law (Section 224-A) allows students to miss classes/work because of their observation of religious holidays.

Category Name: Student
Responsible Unit: Department Chairs
Responsible Exec: Provost and VP for Academic Affairs
Adoption Date: August 2008
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Students have certain rights to make up work missed due to observation of religious holidays.


§ 224-A of the New York State Education Law states:

"each student who is absent from school, because of her/his religious beliefs, must be given an equivalent opportunity to register for classes or make up any examination, study or work requirements which s/he may have missed because of such absence on any particular day or days."


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Policy Procedures

The full text of § 224-A of the New York State Education Law is found in the affirmative action policy: Student Absence due to Religious Beliefs — Section 224-A of the New York State Education Law.

Complaints or appeals related to denial of these rights by instructors should be addressed first with the chairperson of the department offering the course and, if necessary, the dean of the school.

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Next Review Date  August 2011 Three year review
Adoption Date  August 2008 Policy Adopted


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