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Category Name: Administration and Operations
Responsible Unit: Facilities
Responsible VP: VP for Administration and Finance
Adoption Date: Unavailable
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Shared governance: none

Policy Statement

The Campus will strive to provide suitable work and study environments for the entire Campus Community. Priorities and decisions for HVAC improvements will be based on a variety of factors and criteria including common standards in the private and public sectors of our region.


All air conditioning acquisition and installation must receive approval as outlined in this policy. This policy applies to all Campus-managed space, regardless of the status of the unit that occupies the space.


The Facilities and Planning Committee will administer provisions of this policy.


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Policy Procedures

The Facilities and Planning Committee will evaluate central air conditioning requests on a case-by-case basis. The Facilities and Planning Department will provide staff assistance regarding costs and execution alternatives. These major AC requirements would normally be directed to programs for alterations, capital plan or special funding.

The Facilities and Planning Department will provide a central air conditioning recommendation to the Board each time that a major facility renovation or construction project is proposed.

Deans and Department heads will provide a recommendation for all window air conditioning units addressing the factors/criteria specified by the Facilities and Planning Committee and forward them to Facilities and Planning Department for endorsement. Requests based on individual medical conditions will be first evaluated/endorsed by Human Resources before forwarding to F&P. The Vice President for Administration and Finance will approve/disapprove all requests.

Replacement of existing window air conditioners at the same location or room will be at the discretion of the divisional VP and with the division's provision of funding. This does not include major modifications of the facility or utilities.

Procurement of any and all HVAC equipment will have the Energy Star rating as directed by the Governor's executive order #111.

Consideration Factors/Criteria

The following factors will be considered and provide a decision basis. Other factors may be warranted, considered and documented as appropriate.

  • Quality of life/ number of people to benefit and equity issues
  • Comparable standard in the local private and public sector activities in the region
  • Special considerations (lab equipment, health care, etc)
  • Cost/benefit analysis based on productivity and cooling alternatives (for example, mechanical ventilation)
  • Disruption to the area
  • Type of building construction and installation issues
  • Energy conservation with payback tied to other energy conservation measures
  • Other work underway in the area, including energy conservation upgrades
  • Availability and source of funds for all maintenance, purchase, installation and energy costs
  • Formerly documented health considerations

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