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Section 202-j of the Labor Law (Chapter 578 of the Laws of 2007), as amended (Chapter 31 of the Laws of 2008), the Commissioner of Labor authorizes the implementation of blood donation leave to employees in New York State.

Category Name: Human Resources
Responsible Unit: Office of Human Resources
Responsible Exec: VP for Administration and Finance
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Policy Procedures

Leave For Off-Premises Donation

Employees are permitted one unpaid leave period per calendar year of three hours during the employee's regular work schedule to donate blood. Employees are required to give reasonable notice (three working days) of their intent to use this leave time.

Leave For On-Premises Donation

Employees are permitted two paid leave periods per calendar year during the employee's regular work schedule to donate blood at the College blood drive.


Documentation is required for employees making off-premises blood donations and should be attached to the employee's timesheet.

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