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Policy Statement

Since July 1, 1993, The College at Brockport has been smoke-free. Smoking has been strictly prohibited in all campus buildings, at the Educational Opportunity Center in Rochester, Brockport Downtown in Rochester, and in all vehicles owned by the college or its auxiliary service corporation (BASC). Doorway areas are considered part of the building and are likewise smoke-free. Smoking and the placement of receptacles are restricted in outdoors areas as well.

Receptacle restrictions are as follows:

• Within 30 feet of exterior ventilation intakes;
• Within 10 feet of building entrances and open windows; and
• In all exterior stairwells.

Category Name: Human Resources
Responsible Unit: Office of Human Resources
Responsible Exec: VP for Administration and Finance
Adoption Date: Unavailable
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Policy Procedures

The success of this policy will depend upon the thoughtfulness, consideration and cooperation of smokers and non-smokers. It is the responsibility of all members of the College community to observe this smoking policy. Complaints relating to implementation of this policy should be referred to the appropriate building coordinator. If the building coordinator cannot satisfactorily dispose of the complaints, the building coordinator will refer the complaint to the appropriate department/divisional head or the Office of Human Resources. If supervisors or other authority figures observe violations, they must remind offenders of this policy lest they provide tacit approval of the violations by their silence. Administrators and supervisors have an obligation to be aware of College policies, to support them, and to ensure that subordinates are likewise aware of their responsibilities.

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Clean Indoor Act, January 1990
University Senate Bill 9596-05

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Next Review Date December 1, 2017 Three year review
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