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Category Name: Human Resources
Responsible Unit: Office of Human Resources
Responsible Cabinet Member: VP for Administration and Finance
Adoption Date: February 5, 2015
Last Revision Date:
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Policy Statement

Individuals who provide direct service in support of SUNY Brockport and its programs without remuneration are volunteers. All volunteer appointments must be reviewed and approved by the department Chair/Supervisor, Dean/Director and the Office of Human Resources. Volunteer appointments are a maximum of one year; may submit request annually.

College volunteers will not perform responsibilities generally assigned to employees represented by collective bargaining agreements. Examples of volunteer duties, include supervising of field experiences for students; assisting in museums, libraries, theaters, and laboratories; assisting in activities relating to fund raising and campus improvement projects; and serving as guides. Volunteers may also include the spouses of campus presidents who may be appointed as SUNY Associates. An employee of a state or local government may not volunteer for their own agency services of the same type the employee is employed to perform.

In order to both protect the college's interest and its volunteers, these individuals must receive official appointment as volunteers. Such appointments require that the volunteers complete an oath of office.

It is important for the Office of Human Resources to maintain such appointment records because:

  • Properly appointed and recorded volunteers are covered under the Workers' Compensation Law should they be injured while performing their volunteer duties and
  • Section 17 of the Public Officers Law provides that the NYS Attorney General will defend these volunteers should they become involved in litigation that pertains to an incident involving their volunteer duties as long as the volunteers did not intentionally engage in wrongdoing.




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Policy Procedures

Departments wishing to utilize volunteers must submit a Request to Appoint Volunteer Form which describes the following: nature of the work to be performed, duration of assignment, and person responsible for supervising the volunteer. The volunteers resume and oath card must also be submitted. 

All new volunteers will be required to complete a background investigation prior to beginning their volunteer service.

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Public Officers Law

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History (in descending order)

Item Date Explanation
Next Review Date February 5, 2018 Three-year review
Adoption Date February 5, 2015 Policy Adopted
Draft Review Date Draft Policy under 30-day Campus Review


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