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Departmental newsletters are primarily intended for relatively limited circulation to departmental alumni, present and former staff members, and/or student majors as a means of "keeping in touch" with the department/program. As such, they can perform a valuable function in improving and maintaining a positive College/ department "image" among alumni (particularly recent graduates) and improving communication among the various constituencies that the department/program serves.




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Policy Procedures


  • Newsletter content should be factual, informative, positive in its outlook, and should be characterized by a generally "up-beat" style. Some of the kinds of stories that are appropriate for inclusion in a newsletter are:

  • News about the department/program by way of improvements in quality, growth, or changes in the curriculum.

  • Achievements of individuals associated with the department/program, research in progress, grants, awards, and other types of recognition.

  • Notes of interest about faculty members, students, or recent graduates of a professional or scholarly nature.

  • Announcements of professional interest to people in the field -- i.e., upcoming calendar events such as workshops, special seminars and speakers on the campus.

  • Recent developments and new literature in the professional interests of the intended recipients.

  • Changes in the status of individuals, especially recent graduates of the department/ program -- new locations, positions, marital status, etc. (NOTE: Some information in this category might be more appropriately published through the Office of Institutional Advancement in Kaleidoscope.)

  • Opportunities in the professional field in general, graduate programs (especially those at SUNY Brockport) of interest to present and former students, a long-range outlook, and projected trends in employment in the profession. (NOTE: Specific jobs or career opportunities are not appropriate for inclusion in newsletters; such information is included in publications of the Office of Career Services.)

  • Information about matriculation and the scheduling of courses, such as Summer Session programs offered by the department/program.

  • General information about the College as it relates to or affects the department/program specifically. Unrelated general information about the College is not appropriate in department/program newsletters.

  • Departments should feel free to reprint news from other campus publications (Statements, etc. and Kaleidoscope when relevant.)

  • Printing of full-length article reprints and student papers is not appropriate. Remember: These are newsletters. However, a list of new publishing credits is newsworthy.

Format and Publication Policy

Departmental newsletter graphics should conform in general to campus publication guidelines, but individual variations will be permitted with approval by the Office of Design and Production. There should be in all department/program newsletters a "similarity of style" without all of them looking exactly alike.

  • A specific individual within the department/program should be assigned the title and responsibility of editor of each newsletter, and should be held accountable for its publication.

  • Newsletters must be produced in a computer format. They are not typeset in Design and Production.

  • Newsletters should be printed on a laser printer for reproduction.

  • All newsletters should be reproduced by the Print Shop or by authorized off-campus printers--not your office copier.

  • Each department/program must absorb all costs of publication and circulation.


In addition to the above, all department/program newsletters are subject to the following conditions as applicable:

  • Must be educated by the Office of Marketing Communications.

  • All newsletter items that refer to alumni must be cleared with the Office of Alumni Relations prior to publication to see if the respective items might better be published in Kaleidoscope, and to verify accuracy of graduating year.

  • A copy of each published newsletter will be forwarded as a standard procedure to the Office of Marketing Communications.


The following are some of the things that newsletters should NOT attempt to do:

  • Solicit funds for any purpose.

  • Reflect the College condition in general, nor that of any department/program, in a negative way.

  • Release information about students whose names have been suppressed. (Revised Spring 2001.)


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