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Policy Statement

Department and program videos and CD-ROMs are primarily intended for relatively limited distribution to campus groups and prospective students/counselors/teachers. They can perform a valuable function in improving and maintaining a positive college/department image, as well as to recruit students to individual programs.

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Responsible Unit: College Communications
Responsible Exec: Chief Communications Officer
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Policy Procedures


Department/program videos should be factual, informative, and positive in tone, and should be characterized by a generally upbeat style.

The departmental producer or director should keep in mind that the College always seeks to represent the diversity of its faculty and student body and that diversity should be reflected in any video.


All department/program videos are subject to the following conditions as applicable:

A. A specific individual within the department/program should be assigned the title and responsibility of producer of any video or CD-Rom and should be held accountable for its production.

B. Each department/program must absorb all costs of production and distribution of the video.

C. Any video that refers to or includes alumni must be cleared with the office of Alumni Relations prior to final production. Remember: Many faculty and staff are alumni.

D. During production, the Office of Marketing Communications must be involved in the process as follows:

1. Notify Marketing Communications at the outset that a video project is being undertaken and its purpose.

2. Obtain approval of the production agency/individual to ensure that professional standards will be maintained. (For example, use of home video equipment for a department/program video will result in a product that is below accepted professional standards.)

3. Submit the script and/or treatment to Marketing Communications for approval.

4. Screen rough-cut of the video with Marketing Communication for review, revisions, and approval by department chair/director, Enrollment Management or his proxy.

E. Before a recruitment-oriented video is produced and distributed, a distribution plan must be prepared for review and approval by the Vice President for Enrollment Management.

A duplicate of each produced video or CD-ROM will be forwarded as a standard procedure to the Office of Marketing Communications. In addition, raw footage from the video/CD-ROM must be filed within the department/program offices and made available upon request to other departments/units within the College for use in other videos. A catalog of the raw footage will be furnished to the office of Marketing Communications, which will maintain records of footage available throughout the campus.


The following are some of the things that videos should not attempt to do:

A. Solicit funds for any purpose.

B. Duplicate the purposes or the content of other College videos/CD-Roms, except under extraordinary conditions. Prior approval of such exceptions must be obtained from the Office of Marketing Communications.

C. Reflect the College condition in general, nor that of any department/program, in a negative way.

D. Release information about students whose names have been suppressed.

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