Dismissals Without Probation for Undergraduate Students in Their First Semester

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Category Name: Student
Responsible Unit: Office of Registration and Records
Responsible VP: VP for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Adoption Date: July 2008
Last Revision Date:
Last Review Date:
Shared governance: none

Policy Statement

Students with very poor performance in their first semester at the College can be academically dismissed without a probationary semester.




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Policy Procedures

Earning a very low GPA in the first semester usually indicates that a student is not prepared for academic success at a four-year college. For this reason, students in their first semester at Brockport (both freshmen and transfers) will be academically dismissed without a probationary semester if they earn less than a 1.0 GPA (D average). Such students are often advised to gain maturity by attending a community college for at least a year before reapplying to Brockport or another four-year college. Appeal rights for such students are the same as for other dismissed students.

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History (in descending order)

Item Date Explanation
Next Review Date July 2011 Three year review
Adoption Date July 2008 Policy Adopted
Draft Review Date Draft Policy under 30-day Campus Review


Last Updated 10/27/20

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