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Green Purchasing

Procurement & Payment Services is required to follow several Executive Orders that have been established by the Governor's Office to promote policies at state agency levels that "reduce the consumption of materials and energy and reduce potential impacts on public health and the environment". The College at Brockport is, therefore, required, where applicable, to "purchase environmentally-friendly commodities, services and technology". While complying with these Executive Orders, Procurement & Payment Services strives to continuously develop programs and influence purchasing decisions that create sustainable practices on our campus. Among other campus policies and practices, the following are required:

Examples of requirements that these Executive Orders mandate include, but are not limited to:

  • the purchase of energy-efficient products, such as those rated as "Energy Star"
  • the use of 100% post-consumer recycled content paper in publications when form function and utility are met or the highest recyclable content that is practicable
  • implement programs to separate recyclable materials, such as metal, paper, glass and plastic
  • reduction/elimination of the purchase and use of single-serve bottled water
  • reduction of energy consumption in state-owned buildings, including heating, air conditioning, ventilation, electrical, etc
  • construction of "Green Buildings"
  • purchase of alternative-fuel vehicles

Please contact Procurement & Payment Services, x2351, for questions related to or recommendations for appropriate commodities, services and technologies to meet these requirements.

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Last Updated 4/5/18