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Recycling Programs

The College at Brockport has numerous recycling programs and green intitiatives across campus. The College community is encouraged to take part in these programs, whenever possible, to assist the College in it's endeavors to "go green".

Toner & Ink Cartridge Electronic Metal

Toner & Ink Cartridge Recycling

The College at Brockport has been in partnership with Imagine It since November 2005 for ink and toner cartridge recycling. The funds received from this program are used for beautification across campus, especially summer flowers and plants. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to participate by dropping off used ink and toner cartridges* at one the following locations on campus:

Building Bin Location
Allen Outside Room 509
Benedict Near RA Office
Bramley Near RA Office
Briggs Near RA Office
Brockway 2nd Floor/Accounting
Brown Lounge Area Next to Room 284
Cooper B10 Lounge Area
Dobson Near RA Office
Drake Ground Floor
Edwards Room 100B
Gordon Near RA Office
Harmon Near RA Office
Hartwell Room 112
Hazen Room 104 and Room 147
Holmes Room 131
Holmes Room 227C
Lennon Copy Room, Next to Room 104
MacVicar Near RA Office
McFarlane Near RA Office
McLean Near RA Office
MetroCenter 3rd Floor Work Rm
Morgan II Room 2104
Mortimer Near RA Office
Perry Near RA Office
Rakov 1st Floor Breakroom Near Stairs
Seymour Room 203
Smith Room 116
Thompson Near RA Office
Tower Fine Arts Room 1106
Townhomes Near RA Office
Tuttle N KSSPE Copy Room
Tuttle N B206 & B361

*Other items that can be recycled inside these bins are personal e-gadgets, cell phones, MP3's and PDA's.

Any questions regarding the Toner Recycling Program or to add a toner recycling bin to a new campus location, please contact Gretchen Morith, x5141.

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Electronic Recycling

Electronic waste is defined as all monitors (including TVs), CPSs, keyboards, cell phones, copiers and other electronic equipment and are condiered a hazardwous waste material due to the content of lead, silver, cadmium and other heavy metals used in their manufacture. They cannot be disposed of as regular trash but in accordance with NYS Department of Enviromental Conservation (DEC) rules. The NYS Electronic Equpment Recycling and Reuse Act impacts ALL electronic waste, including personal electronics from your home. For more information about the regulation, visit

A list of electronic materials that are acceptable for recycling can be found at All personally owned electronics may be recycled by contacting SunnKing, Inc. directly at (585) 637-8365. The College at Brockport currently utilizes SunnKing, Inc. to recycle and reuse computer/electronic equipment in order to provide maximum protection to the environment while maintaining compliance with NYS rules and regulations.

Any/all College-owned electronics for surplus or disposal must follow the appropriate surplus and disposal procedures. There is no charge for recycling this equipment but failure to abide by these NYS rules and regulations could result in substantial penalties (criminal and civil).

For more information regarding this campus recycling program, contact Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) at ext. 2005.

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Metal Recycling

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Last Updated 8/28/17