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"Green" Purchasing Results

Procurement & Payment Services is involved with numerous green initiatives on The College at Brockport campus. As you will see, even small efforts can have big results!

Data collected from July 2010 to October 2011 revealed the following:

  • The College recycled 2,903 lbs of light bulbs
  • The College recycled 94,352 lbs of electronic scrap
  • The College recycled 40,200 lbs of scrap metal
  • The College purchased 47,782 lbs of recycled paper which saved 90,700 gallons of water and 199 trees
  • The College recycled 327,920 lbs of paper

Refunds collected in 2011 from the Toner & Ink Recycling Program gave $792.68 back to the campus for use in beautifying the campus with such things as plants and flowers.

The renovation of the new Rochester Educational Opportunity Center (REOC) facility, located at 161 Chestnut Street, was designed so that a wide range of sustainable strategies including updating structural, plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems to reduce waste, reduce water consumption, increase energy performance and maximize efficiency in the new site. Wherever possible, furniture and finishes were derived from recycled content using low-emitting materials to improve the overall indoor air quality of the facility.

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Last Updated 8/28/17