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"Green" Tips

Procurement & Payment Services offers the following "green tips" for individuals to consider and thus participate in sustainable efforts that collectively make a big difference in our world!

Think before you print! If you do not need to print it, please don't. There are ways to save information electronically that will reduce the use of paper such as:

  • Send a file or document to yourself by attaching it to an email message. Web-based electronic mail programs, such as Outlook a or Gmail easily handle attachments.
  • File City is a personal storage space on campus. Students, faculty and staff currently affiliated with The College at Brockoprt all have an account set up. It is available on all lab compters and via the web at
  • Purchase a jump drie to store files and documents
  • Microsoft Office OneNote is a software package on all lab computers used for information gathering and multi-use collaboration. The software is designed for collecting, organizing and sharing materials - perfect for research and group projects!

Set your printer default to double-sided! This reduces the amount of paper used when it is necessary to print a document or email. This can be done from each individual computer by changing the settings to printers and faxes. Contact the Help Desk for assistance.

Use a network printer instead of a desktop printer! The College strongly encourages faculty and staff to print from network printers rather than desktop printers and to print double-sided, where applicable. By printing to a network printer, the cost per page is less and the user can receive quality prints quickly and efficiently.

Use 100% post-consumer recycled paper, where possible! To comply with Executive Order 4, agencies are to print using 100% post-consumer recycled paper or if not feasible to do so, must use post-consumer recycled content paper to the extent possible.

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Last Updated 4/4/18