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Policies & Procedures

The primary role of Procurement & Payment Services is to oversee and process thousands of purchases and payments. We strive to obtain the best products and services, at a reasonable price, which are necessary for faculty and staff to perform the important roles that they serve in.At the same time, we must comply with numerous SUNY and State of New York rules, regulations, laws, etc. to ensure that public funds are spent appropriately and within the confines of those requirements. We add value to the procurement and payment processes by providing expertise and experience.

Purchases using State funds are governed by the appropriate sections of the State of New York Finance law, the Office of the State Comptroller rules and regulations, State University of New York policies and procedures, and other applicable requirements. The basic procurement objective is to secure the most appropriate materials, supplies, equipment and services from the most reasonable and responsible source, consistent with quality requirements and delivery needs as will best promote the interests of the State University of New York and The College at Brockport.

With the exception of purchases $250 or less, or purchases made using a Citibank VISA Purchasing Card (pcard), departments are not permitted to obligate funds without the prior knowledge and approval of Procurement & Payment Services. This is accomplished by submitting a requisition form to Procurement & Payment Services showing the intended purchase or service required. Procurement & Payment Services should be allowed sufficient time to process the request and finalize the purchase. Purchases that do not follow this process may be rejected.

The total dollar amount or value of a procurement or payment is used to decide what procurement method Procurement & Payment Services will follow (i.e. soliciting quotes, formal bids, request for information, request for proposal, etc.). It is important to note that when determining the total dollar amount or value, the total contract term must be considered. The College is not permitted to enter into one-year contracts with the same vendor in order to avoid obtaining a multi-year contract or soliciting competition.

Split ordering (also known as the $2,500 60-day rule) is not permitted. Split ordering is defined as the practice of splitting a transaction or group of like transactions into two or more individual smaller dollar value transactions to avoid competitive bidding requirements. In addition, our procurement guidelines state that multiple purchases by an agency of similar materials, equipment, supplies, and services within a 60-day period shall be considered a single purchase. For example, two departments could simultaneously submit requisitions at $10,000 each for similar equipment. Procurement & Payment Services would be required to treat that as a single purchase and follow procurement requirements for a $20,000 purchase.

With the exception of purchases under $250 or purchasing card transactions, purchases cannot be finalized, services cannot be authorized, and contract work cannot begin until all necessary approvals are granted. Authorizing a purchase, services, or contract work before all approvals are received is beyond the scope of a State employee’s authority, and the EMPLOYEE MAY BE HELD PERSONALLY LIABLE.

Departments should contact Procurement & Payment Services for assistance before finalizing any contract or agreement that obligate The College at Brockport.

Questions should be referred to any Procurement & Payment Services staff members.

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Last Updated 5/9/19