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The SUNY Child Protection Policy #6505 governs conduct in the presence of children, provides direction for the proper operation of programs and activities that involve minors. SUNY provides guidance for the correct application of this policy, and guidance for the campus community. This policy does not apply to College on-campus child care centers.

The Child Protection Policy also imposes conduct requirements. Individuals must conduct themselves appropriately with children who participate in University-related programs and report instances or suspicion of physical or sexual abuse of children.

The College at Brockport is committed to complying with this policy to ensure the safety of children when they are on campus. The Child Protection Policy applies to all members of the Brockport community including employees of SUNY Brockport and BASC, as well as students, and volunteers. Completion of all required training is required if working directly with children in a “Covered Activity”. A “Covered Activity” is defined as a program or activity sponsored or approved by the College or a College affiliated organization where for the duration of the activity, custody, control and supervision of minor children is vested in the University, its affiliated organizations or the approved vendor, licensee or permittee.

A “Covered Person” is one who as custody, control, or supervision of children participating in a “Covered Activity”. “Covered Persons” are required to complete the Child Protection Policy training before working with non-matriculated minors. There are a variety of circumstances in which non-matriculated minors (under the age of 17) are on or off campus and involve activities which may be deemed a “Covered Activity”.

Vendors, licensees and permitees are required to follow this policy through the completion of the Child Protection Revocable Permit.

The Office of Procurement and Payment Services is available to assist departments to determine when the Child Protection Policy applies. Please contact Pamela Powell, Procurement and Payment Services for guidance regarding the Child Protection Policy.


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Last Updated 11/9/18

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