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Requisition Procedures

Each requisition submitted to Procurement & Payment Services must have a number.  You can call 2351 for a requisition number before submitting the requisition, or request a block of numbers to be used as needed. All inquiries to our office must refer to a requisition number. Procurement & Payment Services processes in excess of 5,000 purchase orders and contracts each year, and the requisition numbers are the primary source used to track the requests.

Fiscal year 2017-2018 requisition numbering will begin with "17". After completing and signing the form (department head authorized original signature only), submit the form to Procurement & Payment Services.

When submitting a requisition:

  • type the requisition form so that it is legible
  • include a complete description including part/model number, name of manufacturer,
  • suggested vendor, estimated price
  • include descriptive literature, written pricing, or anything else that you have already obtained from a vendor
  • check to be sure funds are available in the account being charged

Some procurements require prior approval from Facilities and Planning, such as:

  • equipment requiring installation
  • equipment requiring utility modifications (natural gas, sanitary drains, water, ventilation, etc.)
  • equipment requiring room modifications
  • carpet installations

Departments must show proof of Facilities and Planning approval when submitting these requisitions to Procurement & Payment Services.

All inquiries concerning a purchase order must be made to Procurement & Payment Services referencing the purchase order or requisition number. Departments should not contact vendors directly with inquiries. Contact the Purchasing Office at ext. 2351 to check on the status of an order.

If an emergency or rush purchase is necessary, a requisition form can be brought, faxed (5885), or sent to Procurement & Payment Services with a notation indicating that it is a "walk-thru". The requisition must include a statement addressing the nature of the emergency. The vendor's copy of the order will, in most cases, be issued to the department or faxed to the vendor the same day.

All deliveries made against purchase orders should be checked for accuracy immediately upon delivery. Any discrepancies with a delivery should be reported to Procurement & Payment Services at x2351 within two days after delivery so that reports can be filed with the vendor and/or carrier and delay payment, if necessary.

We are here to help you! If you have any questions, please contact one of our staff members listed in our Directory.

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Last Updated 8/31/17