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Decaling Equipment

All equipment purchased by the College is owned by the State of New York, however, for property control purposes, the equipment is assigned to a department which is the ultimate user of the equipment. Equipment purchased by the following entities, however, are exceptions to this rule:

  1. Brockport Auxilliary Services (BASC)
  2. Brockport Foundation
  3. Research Foundation

All equipment that is delivered to the College through Central Receiving and is valued at $5,000 and above with a useful life of two (2) years or more will be decaled by the receiving staff upon arrival. If the equipment is delivered directly to the department, they will be contacted by the Property Control Coordinator to schedule an appointment to decal the item. The decal is permanently affixed to the asset in a location that is easily visible. Verification of manufacturer, location - including building, floor and room number, etc. - will be completed by the Property Control Coordinator. Accountability of equipment assigned to a department lies with the appropriate department director or chair.

Department assistance in decaling equipment in a timely fashion is appreciated.

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Last Updated 8/28/17