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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My laptop was stolen. What should I do?
Answer: If the item was stolen on campus, contact University Police. They will send an officer to you and take a report. You will need to know the make, model and serial number, along with any details of the incident. A copy of the University Police report will need to be submitted to the Property Control Office.

If the item was stolen off campus, contact your local police. A copy of the police report will need to be submitted to University Police and the Property Control Office.

Question: I have some items which I would like to give to another department. How do I do this?
Answer: So long as the other department is willing to receive the item(s), fill out the Surplus/Transfer Request Form, and submit it the Special Services Supervisor in Facilities & Planning. Please keep a copy of the completed form for your records.
Question: When a new professor came to Brockport to teach, she brought several items with her. Now, she would like to get rid of them. How do I dispose of them?
Answer: We are only responsible for State-purchased/owned equipment. Please determine how these items were purchased. If they were not purchased by the College, the items do not belong to the State and we are not responsible for disposing of them.
Questions: My desktop printer no longer works. Can I just throw it away?
Answer: No. Please contact the Help Desk and put in a ticket for the disposal of the printer. Any sensitive data will be “cleaned” from it and the printer will be properly recycled.
Questions: Our department has been given some equipment as a gift. Do I tell you?
Answer: Please contact The Brockport Foundation so they may properly administer and accept any gifts given to a department or to the College. The Foundation will officially transfer the gifted equipment to State ownership through the Property Contol Office.
Questions: I have some equipment listed on the inventory that I know is no longer here in the department. Since I would like to update my inventory, what should I do?
Answer: Send a memo to the Property Control Office that includes specific information regarding the asset(s) and explains what you know or have found out. This gives appropriate reason to retire the asset information. The word “gone” or “can’t be found” is not sufficient; a detailed explanation is required.
Questions: When our Physical Inventory is conducted, I am finding bar-coded items present in the department that are not listed. Why is this happening?
Answer: In years past, when the ownership tags were placed on the equipment, the cost threshold for adding assets to the Property Control System was much lower. The minimum value is currently $5,000 and any asset with a lower value from years past has been purged from the PCS. This equipment should now be listed on your inventory valued between $1,000 - $4,999.
Questions: My chair is broken, and I just received a new one. Can I put my old chair in the hallway so someone can take it?
Answer: Putting unwanted items in the hallway is not proper disposal of state-owned equipment and would not only be in violation of the Fire and Safety Codes, it could make the department liable for an OSHA fine.A Surplus/Transfer Request Form should be completed and submitted to the Special Services Supervisor in Facilities & Planning for removal.
Questions: I just saw some equipment on the loading dock with a note saying “trash”, can I take it home?
Answer: This equipment is still property of the State and removing it from campus would be considered theft.
Questions: Can I donate some of this unwanted equipment to my local church?
Answer: NYS laws governs the surplus of State property and will not allow property to be given to a non-State agency. The unwanted equipment needs to be transferred or surplused using the proper forms.
Questions: I have some obsolete computers? How do I get rid of them?
Answer: Contact the Help Desk so that a time can be scheduled to pick up the computers. IT will “clean” the hard drives and properly recycle the computers. Please make sure that you record the transfer of the computers on your less than $5,000 inventory spreadsheet.
Questions: I just received a new laptop, and I am planning to use it at the office and at home. Do I need to do anything?
Answer: Before removing the equipment from campus, please complete the Property Removal Request Form. This form protects you, the department and helps the campus know the location of equipment.Please submit the completed form to the Property Control Office. It is also a good idea to confirm that your homeowner's policy covers damages, etc. to any state-owned equipment you bring home from the office.
Questions: The laptop I am using was “given” to me by the department. When I leave I want to take it with me. Can I?
Answer: Any equipment purchased by the College belongs to the State and cannot be given away or taken. Upon leaving the College or department, you must return all equipment.
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Last Updated 8/28/17