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Property Control

The College at Brockport Property Control Office, located within Procurement & Payment Services, is required to provide an accurate inventory of state assets for The College at Brockport by reporting current inventory to SUNY Administration for all equipment valued at five-thousand dollars ($5,000) and above with a useful life of two (2) years or more. All equipment purchased by the College that meets this criteria will be issued a decal including a barcode that is recorded and tracked through the Property Control System (PCS). The equipment is decaled upon delivery through Central Receiving or is issued after delivery to the department by the Property Control Office.

It is the responsibility of the Property Control Office to accurately record the decal and serial numbers, assign the equipment to the appropriate department and end user and record the building and room location of all equipment. This information is essential and your assistance is needed and appreciated to properly document the physical location of each asset. Once an asset has been recorded in the PCS, the information is transmitted to SUNY Administration. All assets for the College are inspected and audited annually.

Assets that are valued less than the $5,000 criteria are not included in the PCS but must be affixed with a College at Brockport ownership tag (property sticker) by the department. Ownership tags are available to all campus departments by contacting Procurement & Payment Services.

Additional responsibilities of the Property Control Office include:

  • Transfer equipment from one department to another
  • Surplus equipment which no longer provides a tangible value to the College
  • Track removal of equipment from campus
  • Complete an annual inventory of campus equipment valued at $5,000 and above
  • Conduct an annual inventory of campus equipment valued between $1,000-$4,999

For questions regarding Property Control, please contact Pam Powell at x5148.

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Last Updated 8/28/17