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Temporary Removal of Property from Campus

The College at Brockport property is purchased exclusively for use by College employees, at their job site, and for the performance of their job-related responsibilities.Employees are expected to protect and safeguard College equipment and property. Department chairs, directors and unit heads (College officials) have equipment assigned to their respective departments and are responsible for the security and accountability of them. It is expected they are knowledgeable of the location and condition of equipment assigned to their care.

No item of College property shall be removed from the campus except as follows:

Employees may borrow College property for official College use ONLY. A Property Removal Request Form must be completed and returned to the Property Control Office before any College property may be removed from campus. For short-term removal (less than 10 working days), the following signatures are required:

  • Employee requesting permission for use of College equipment off campus
  • Deparment chair or director

For long-term removal (more than 10 working days), in addition to the signatures above, the appropriate Vice President is also required to sign the Property Removal Request Form.

Portable personal computers and electronic communications equipment:

Additionally, portable personal computers and electronic communications equipment are assigned to a department chair or director making them responsible for their whereabouts and therefore, are required to maintain a record of the item(s) loaned, to whom the equipment was loaned, the effective dates of use and the date and condition the equipment was returned. College officials will be required to account for the location of these items whenever the Property Control Office conducts and audit of such equipment.

Any removal of College equipment or property in violation of this policy is a form of employee misconduct and is subject to disciplinary action. Please see the employee handbook for more information:

Employee Handbook

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Last Updated 4/5/18