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Office Equipment

Office equipment purchase requests should be submitted to Procurement & Payment Services including a manufacturer name, model number, and a brief description of the equipment.

Purchases for office equipment that will utilize an Citibank VISA Purchasing Card account for purchase and payment must have a College property sticker placed on the equipment upon receipt. (*Note restrictions when making printer purchases)


Currently, Gholkar's Inc, 7321 State Rd, Victor NY 14564, a NYS certified MBE, is the vendor of choice when making HP equipment purchases. They can be reached at (800) 888-4920 or fax #(585) 924-2084.

*NOTE: HP printer purchases may be made using a Citibank VISA Purchasing Card but must use Gholkar's Inc. as the authorized vendor. To purchase printers other than HP or for HP printer purchases made with sources other than Gholkar's Inc, written approval from Procurement & Payment Services is required prior to making the purchase. Please contact Stacie Treahy or Donna Napier for questions and/or approval.


Typewriters are no longer available on NYS contract. Contact Gretchen Morith for assistance with typewriter purchases, if needed.

Copiers and Facsimiles (fax machines):

Multifunction copiers offer print, scan, network and fax capabilities. Contact Gretchen Morith, x5141, if you have any office equipment questions or would like assistance with copier configurations.

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Last Updated 8/28/17