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Purchasing Software

Various software is available on NYS contracts. The most recent list of available software can be found here (select software).

Licensing Agreements

Most, if not all, software purchases, including upgrades and renewals, and mobile applications (APPS) require a licensing agreement, including those that are simply downloads. In order to protect the integrity of and ensure consistency with our contracts, all licensing agreements, regardless of cost, will require the following steps before approval for purchase will be given:

  1. The department must obtain written approval from LITS to purchase the software for use on College computers. This can be done by contacting the LITS Help Desk at 395-5151 or by visiting the LITS web pages to submit a ticket. LITS approval will ensure that the software does not put our current infrastructure at risk and LITS agrees to support it. It also confirms that a campus-wide license does not already exist before duplicating efforts and costs. If LITS approval is not granted, the software cannot be purchased for use on College computers, regardless of funding source.
  2. A completed requisition must be sent to Procurement & Payment Services that includes the software licensing agreement from the vendor, written approval from LITS and a brief description how the software is to be used. The larger and more complicated the agreement, the longer it may take to negotiate and obtain a satisfactory agreement. Please plan accordingly and allow sufficient time for processing as many agreements can take several weeks to fully execute.

Please do not sign any agreement. Only authorized signatures on agreements are recognized by SUNY and New York State as valid and will be legally upheld. Refer to "Campus Agreements" for additional information.

Procurement Card

Contractual agreements, including software licensing agreements and mobile applications, are not permitted on a Procurement Card unless authorized by Procurement & Payment Services. If approved, the requisition with the fully executed agreement will be returned to the appropriate cardholder for purchase/payment using a Procurement Card. Payments made on a Procurement Card without this approval may require reimbursement of the full amount of the license to the state account using non-state funds.

Any questions, please contact Stacie Treahy or Donna Napier.

Last Updated 5/26/21