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New York State Travel Policies and Procedures required for all SUNY Colleges can be found in the NYS OGS Manual.

Travel Vouchers

Travel Vouchers can only be submitted for the total amount approved for reimbursement. For example: If the traveler has been approved for a $500 travel expense and the actual out-of-pocket expenses is $600, the travel voucher can only request reimbursement for the approved $500.

Travel Vouchers must provide a State or IFR account number to be charged. If there is more than one account number being used on the travel voucher, please specify how much money is to be reimbursed from each account number. All accounts be charged must have appropriate authorized signatures.

Travel Vouchers must always include:

  • The dates and times of departure and return.
  • Destination Street Address
  • Account numbers and signatures
  • All supporting travel documentation including, but not limited to the following: agenda, itinerary, handouts, etc. All receipts must show proof of payment.
  • Over per diem letter of justification for lodging if necessary.

Per Diem Meals & Lodging

When claiming per diem meals, the traveler must include proof of lodging. If there was no overnight stay the traveler will receive a daily meal rate. Lodging and meal per diem rates can be found at the U.S. General Services Administration webpage. A breakfast and dinner breakdown of meal per diem rates can be found on our Per Diem Rate webpage.

Pre-Paid Airfare Reimbursements

In consideration of the cost of airfare and the need to book in advance to receive lower rates, reimbursement for airfare only can be made prior to the event, with departmental approval. If approved, please complete and submit the Prepaid Airfare Reimbursement Form along with the proof of payment, justification of travel, and a Travel Voucher to Procurement & Payment Services. Prepaid Airfare requests must be received by Procurement and Payment 4 weeks prior to travel date. If not, the voucher will be returned.

Passenger Vehicle Rentals for College-Related Business

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Reservations for car rentals at Enterprise can be made online. Renters are reminded to visually inspect the entire vehicle with a representative upon pick-up and note any areas of concern or existing damage prior to the rental — especially outside roofs and windshields. Upon return of the vehicle, please have a representative inspect for damage before leaving the location.

Enterprise will direct bill the College when the account number and billing number are used.

Note: Contact Chelsea Donnelly to obtain the secure billing number required for all in-state reservations.

In-state rentals are tax exempt only when the rental is a direct bill to the College account. Employees are advised to remind the agent at the counter to remove sales tax from the rental at the time of pick up.

Additionally, while sales tax can be exempt, Airport Access Fees are not tax exempt and will show as an 11%+ on the final bill.

Accidents or Incidents of Damage

In the event of an accident or incident during the rental period, it is recommended that you contact the police for a written police report. It is also recommended that insurance information be exchanged with the other party — just as you would with your own vehicle. Even if the accident is not your fault, you must get the information of the other vehicle involved and the insurance provider. Travelers will be asked to complete an incident report by the rental company, even if it is unclear how the damage occurred. This will allow the rental company to open an investigation into the incident.

Travelers are required to notify Procurement and Payment Services, Chelsea Donnelly, as soon as possible. Travelers will also be asked to file a claim within 20 days of the incident with the Office of General Services (OGS) Bureau of Risk and Insurance Management at (518) 474-4725.


Procurement & Payment Services has negotiated direct billing status with several local hotels to assist departments with securing reservations and making payment for expenses with local hotels.

To take advantage of the direct bill status, please follow these steps so that payment can be processed in a timely fashion.

Contact the local hotel of your choice from the list below. Please note any special instructions associated with certain hotels. Failure to follow these instructions exactly may result in incorrect billing.

For proper billing, be sure to:

  • Request the Current State/Government Rate (per diem)
  • Reference SUNY Brockport Direct Bill Account
  • Refer to the current per diem rates for Rochester/Monroe County (or any other area) prior to making your reservations. Enter "Rochester NY" (or other area of choice) and click the "Find Per Diem Rates" button on the screen.

Note: If a hotel is unable/unwilling to extend the current state/government rate for the respective area, please contact another hotel in the area that can provide this rate.

Additionally, please provide the following information to the hotel when making the reservations:

  • Traveler's first and last name and dates of stay
  • Department and contact name of person making the reservation. Request the dept/contact name be noted on the invoice by the hotel
  • Request the original invoice be mailed to:
    The College at Brockport
    Procurement and Payment Services/Chelsea Donnelly
    350 New Campus Drive
    Brockport, NY 14420

After the reservation is made, please submit a Purchase Requisition with the lodging information, including the lodging confirmation and/or number, and traveler's itinerary to Procurement and Payment Services.

Once the lodging has taken place, the hotel will send the original invoice to Procurement and Payment Services and payment can be processed.


Please contact Chelsea Donnelly regarding all travel related questions

Last Updated 7/1/20

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