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What is a Placement Folder?

As you apply for employment or for admission to graduate school, you may be asked to submit letters of recommendation. The Office of Registration and Records will act as custodian of the letters of recommendation, written by professionals, that you may wish to submit for a Placement Folder to support you in your employment candidacy or admission to graduate school.

What is contained in a Placement Folder?

Although a Placement Folder is not a requirement, many people choose to start one.  A professional Placement Folder contains:

  • A Personal Information Form that provides your name, address, degree(s) and certification(s).
  • A Waiver/Release Form bearing only your signature to permit the College to release your letters of recommendation to employers or graduate school as requested. The waiver/release form also indicates the status of the Placement Folder, whether it is an open or closed folder, per your choice (see open and closed folder information below.)
  • Letters of Recommendation (three to five letters are recommended) written by professionals (previous employers, college professionals or other persons in a position of authority) who are familiar with your academic or professional performance or experience.
  • Transcripts and resumes are not part of the Placement Folder. Please note that the Office of Registration and Records has contracted Credentials Solutions to manage all official transcript request orders. Official transcripts must be ordered separately online. Please visit Ordering Official Transcripts Online for an official transcript.

What is the difference between an open and closed Placement Folder

  • OPEN PLACEMENT FOLDER – You can read the letters of recommendation that are submitted for the folder.
    • Advantage - You know the exact content of the Placement Folder letters of recommendation.
    • Disadvantage - Not always the type of Placement Folder preferred by graduate schools or employers
    • Procedures for handling open folders:
      • Either you or the author can hand-deliver or mail letters for the Placement Folder.
      • You can receive a copy of the Placement Folder for the cost of processing.
      • You can read the letters of recommendation at the Office of Registration and Records.
      • You may hand-carry the Placement Folder to an interview.
  • CLOSED PLACEMENT FOLDER – You cannot read the letters of recommendation that are included in the Placement Folder.
    • Advantage - Preferred by graduate schools and employers especially those in the field of education
    • Disadvantage - You do not know the exact content of the letters of recommendation.
    • Procedures for handling closed folders:
      • Letters of recommendation must be sent directly from the author in sealed envelopes to the Office of Registration and Records for the Placement Folder. Hand-carried letters must be signed by the author across the sealed flap.
      • You may not hand-carry copies to an interview.
      • In waiving your right of access to the folder, you must fully understand the meaning of confidentiality. You must also be advised that the Office of Registration and Records staff is unable to screen letters of recommendation and offer opinions regarding their contents. This policy assures that any letter submitted in confidence by the author is maintained in strictest confidence.

How can I start a Placement Folder?

To start a Placement Folder, complete the Personal Information Form and the Waiver Release Form from the links below. NOTE: The Personal Information Form and the Waiver Release Form must be completed and submitted together.

If you have problems accessing the forms, please call (585) 395-5390. Once the forms are completed, please mail them to Attn: Placement Folder, Office of Registration and Records, The College at Brockport, 350 New Campus Drive, Brockport NY 14420-2966.

How will I know what is in my Placement Folder?

To check on the progress of your folder, you may call (585) 395-5390, email or stop by the Office of Registration and Records, 201 Rakov Center for Student Services, during office hours.

How can I update my Placement Folder?

As your career progresses, you take on new responsibilities and develop new skills. Therefore, letters that were once significant and important become obsolete. Most employers request three to five current quality letters of recommendation. You may delete letters by submitting a written statement to: Attn: Placement Folder, Office of Registration and Records or email indicating which documents should be removed. Authors of new letters of recommendation can then send the letters directly to the attention of Placement Folder.

How long is a Placement Folder maintained?

A Placement Folder will be maintained for 20 years before it is discarded. You must notify the Office of Registration and Records in writing to have the file retained indefinitely. It is strongly recommended that the Placement Folder be updated as your career progresses, especially if it is being reactivated after a considerable period of time. Perspective employers will most likely want to see letters of recommendation that give a more current account of your accomplishments.

How can I have Placement Folder forwarded?

Your Placement Folder can now be uploaded to school districts who are participating in the Online Web Recruitment System for an upload fee of $30.00. Go to Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Employment Pages for the list of participating districts. Please note: Brockport transcripts cannot be uploaded for this service.

  • If you wish to have your Placement Folder uploaded, include the email address you used for the online application.

You can print the Placement Folder Form (PDF Format) and fill in the necessary information. Once completed, mail, fax or bring the form to the Office of Registration and Records. The cost of having a paper Placement Folder mailed is $5.00 per address. Transcripts are not included in a Placement Folder. Do not fax credit card information, call Registration and Records at (585) 395-2531 after submitting request.

If you can’t print the form, you can email your request to or write to us including the following information:

  • Your current name and/or former name
  • Your current address and telephone number
  • Your last four (4) digits of your social security number
  • Your payment: $30.00 for an upload folder, $5.00 per address for a paper folder
    • Please note: Credit card payments will no longer be accepted as of November 1. Payments will be accepted via check, money order, or cash only. If paying by cash, you must pay in person.
  • The complete name and address of the organization to where the Placement Folder is to be sent

Contact Information

Mailing address:

Attn: Placement Folder
Office of Registration and Records
The College at Brockport
350 New Campus Drive
Brockport NY 14420-2966

Placement Folder Telephone Number:
(585) 395-5390

Office of Registration and Records Fax Number:
(585) 395-5392

Office Hours

Time Date
8 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday (spring and fall semester)
8 am – 4 pm Monday – Friday (winter session)
8 am – 4 pm Monday – Friday (summer session)

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