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How to Add/Drop Courses Online

  1. Go to Brockport Website
  2. Click Quick Links button
  3. Click on Web Banner
  4. Enter your User ID and PIN
  5. Click on Student Services
  6. Click on Registration
  7. Do you have a Permission Override Number? If YES, continue with #7. If NO, skip down to #11. Please visit Permission Override Number Page for information regarding Permission Override Numbers.
  8. Click on Permission Override Number
  9. Select Term
  10. Enter CRN # and Permission Override Number
  11. Click on Submit Permission Override & Click on Back to the Registration Menu Link
  12. Click on Registration/Add/Drop Classes

Your current schedule will appear.

  • To Add:
    • Enter the CRN of the course you want to add.
    • Click on Submit Changes.
  • To Drop:
    • Select the course you want to drop.
    • Click on the drop down box under the Action Heading.
    • Select Web Drop. (Visit Refund Calculations Page for information regarding "Web Drop with Liability")
    • Click on Submit Changes.

Note: If a hold is placed on your account after registering for courses and you want to adjust you schedule, you need to come into the office or fax (585-395-5392) a written request with your signature to make any changes to your current schedule.

Last Updated 3/1/18

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