Accepting the Code of Student Social Conduct

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Per the Chancellor of the State University of New York, starting in the Fall 2004 semester

Each SUNY campus must require students to accept the Student Social Code of Conduct. You may review the Student Social Code of Conduct by logging into your Web Banner account . Until you go online and accept the code in your Web Banner account, a code of conduct hold will be placed on your records preventing you from registering. This is not an annual requirement nor are you required to do it each semester. Once you have accepted the code, it's done. The hold will be cleared and you will be allowed to register provided you have no other holds on your record that prevent registration.

To accept the code of conduct:

  • Go to Brockport Website
  • Click on Quick Links button
  • Click on Web Banner
  • Enter your User ID (SS # or Banner ID#) and Pin
  • Click on Student Services
  • Click on Accept the Student Social Code of Conduct
  • Click on Accept button

Last Updated 3/5/18

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