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Departmental Credit-By-Exam

Some departments offer challenge exams (or credit-by-exam) – for matriculated undergraduate students only – for courses regularly offered. Such exams are given for courses offered in foreign languages, nursing, health sciences, and the natural sciences. Credit earned this way is recorded via the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) and treated as transfer credit earned from four-year colleges. Departmental examinations require a $20 fee, payable to the Office of Student Accounts and noted on the form, before the examination is taken. Once the examination is successfully completed, the department will forward the credit-by-exam application to the Office of Registration and Records who will note the credit on DARS and the transcript. You can contact the relevant department or the Office of Academic Advisement for further assistance.

Forms are available from the Office of Academic Advisement, 101 Rakov.

Last Updated 3/5/18

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