A cross-listed course is one that is offered under more than one departmental designation

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This means that is has two different discipline codes, but the same course number. For example, Introduction to Afro-American Literature is offered both as AAS 235 and ENL 235. When a course has a cross listing, the phrase “cross-listed with………” appears in the catalog description. This information is not provided in the course offerings each semester however, so it is important to check the catalog or speak with an instructor if you are looking for this information. Don’t get confused between cross-listed courses and equivalent courses. Equivalent courses aren’t identical courses; they’re simply considered equal for the purposes of meeting some departments’ requirements. Here are some general rules that apply to cross-listed courses:

  • You can’t take a course for credit if you’ve already taken it as a cross-listed version. You can repeat a course to improve your grade, in which case, it is advised that you take the same exact course listing. Remember that you’ll only get credit for the most recent attempt.
  • If you take two courses that weren’t cross-listed when you took them but subsequently became cross-listed at a later time, you will retain credit for them both.
  • Be careful when you register for cross-listed courses. If you mistakenly take a course twice under two different cross-listings, you still only get credit for it once.

Last Updated 3/5/18

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