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FIRST-SEMESTER FRESHMEN – All drops require the signature of your advisor.

Please note: Switching from one section to another of the same course is the same as adding and dropping courses. The reason for this is that the same steps are required. Therefore, non-attendance of one section of a course and attending a different section of the same course without processing an official add/drop transaction either onlin or in person at the Office of Registration and Records does not constitute dropping one section and adding the other.

Remember: Nothing has been dropped or added until an official online or in-person transaction has been processed.

It is important to distinguish between dropping and withdrawing from courses since they are two different processes with very different guidelines. A drop is done during the first four weeks of a regular fall or spring semester. Withdrawals are necessary after the drop period has ended and are governed by different dates and different procedures. These are two important terms to remember because the rules change dramatically at the end of the first four weeks of the semester. If a course is dropped, it will not appear on the transcript. However, it would be a courtesy to let the instructor know as soon as the decision is made to drop so that s/he will know there is a seat available for someone else. During the first four weeks of the semester, students may drop most courses without the instructor’s permission and there is no fee to drop a course. Please note that first and second quarter courses have different drop deadlines than full semester course drops. Go to Dates and Deadlines.


A signature is required to drop the following courses:

  • ENL 101, 102, and 112 - signature required from Mr. Baker, 233 Liberal Arts Bldg.
  • MTH 112 - signature required from Mr. LoBracco, 295 Brown Bldg.
  • GEP 100 and 120 - signature required from Dr. Fox, 618 Allen Admin Bldg.
  • Developmental courses for EOP students require the signature of Ms. Debra Joseph-McEwen, C-25 Cooper Hall.
  • Exceptional Talent students who are taking developmental courses require the signature of Mr. Mike Dentino, B-10 Cooper Hall.


Note: The second quarter course drop deadline is after the full semester course drop deadline. Go to Dates and Deadlines for the second quarter drop deadline.


Students incur liability for tuition over the first five weeks of the semester and students are liable for courses dropped in addition to new courses added. For more information, go to the Office of Student Account's Web Page

Note: If a hold is placed on your account after registering for courses and you want to adjust you schedule, you need to come into the office or fax (585-395-5392) a written request with your signature to make any changes to your current schedule.

Instructions on how to Add/Drop Courses Online.

Last Updated 3/5/18

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