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What is Majors Reservation?

Majors Reservation takes place one week before registration starts for a spring or fall semester. It is an opportunity for matriculated undergraduates to register ahead of their scheduled registration day for courses ONLY in their major subject code directly in their major department office.

For example: During Majors Reservation week, a Communication major could register in the Communication Department for CMC courses ONLY.

As not all departments participate in Majors Reservation, students should check with their major department office to see if they will be participating. Majors Reservation for an upcoming spring semester takes place in October/November and for an upcoming fall semester, in April.

Once Majors Reservation week is over, other courses that will make up the rest of the student’s schedule, even major courses that may not have been registered in the major department during Majors Reservation week, and electives must be registered on the student’s regularly scheduled day according to their academic status and first letters of their last name. Students should go to Registration Schedule to find their day to register.

No registration takes place in the Office of Registration and Records during Majors Reservation week.

Last Updated 7/15/19

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