A Permission Override Number is used as the instructor's electronic signature to open a seat in a course that is closed or otherwise restricted

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The Permission Override Number is unique in that it is term, course and section specific.

  • Each number can be used only once.
  • Each number can be used only for the section of the course to which it was assigned.

Registering for a course online with a Permission Override Number is a two step process:

  1. First, enter the Permission Override Number
  2. Then, register/Add the Course

When registering for a course online which requires a Permission Override Number:

  • Go to Brockport Website.
  • Click Quick Links button.
  • Click on Web Banner.
  • Enter your Banner Id number and Banner PIN (no hypens, dashes or slashes). For security purposes, your PIN must contain both letters and numbers and is case sensitive.
  • Click on Student Services.
  • Click on Registration.
  • Click on Permission Override Number. Please see notes below.
  • Enter the four-digit CRN. The CRN can be found in the CRN column to the far left of an online class search OR enter the course subject code, number and section. Enter the Permission Override Number in the Permission Override Number field.
  • Click Submit Permission Override.
  • If you have entered a valid permission override number, the message You are now authorized to register for the course will appear. This means that you are approved to register for the course.
  • Then click Back to the Registration Menu link at the bottom of the page.
  • Click Registration/Add/Drop Classes.
  • Enter the CRN in the Add Classes Worksheet box.
  • Click Submit Changes to register the course. The course will show as Web registered.

REMEMBER: The course is not automatically registered simply by entering the Permission Override Number.You must go back to Registration/Add/Drop Classes, enter the CRN and click Submit Changes to register the course.

Please Note:

  • If your Permission Override Number does not work, contact the instructor to be sure you have been given a valid number for the appropriate course and semester. The Office of Registration and Records does not give out Permission Override Numbers.
  • Permission to enter any course that requires permission is a privilege and the instructor or departments are not obligated to grant permission to allow a seat.
  • Permission Override Numbers will override the following restrictions: pre-requisites, co-requisites, duplicate courses, repeat hours and limits, class status, closed courses, major restrictions, and departmental approval. Permission Override Numbers will not override college restrictions, level restrictions or time conflict restrictions. Students will need to come to the Office of Registration and Records for a manual override of a time conflict if appropriate.

Last Updated 3/6/18

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