Frequently Asked Questions About Graduation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for Graduation

Please make sure that you have followed the steps on this webpage to ensure that you will graduate.

Should I meet with my advisor before I apply for graduation?

Yes, all students should check their degree audits often to be sure all requirements will be met on time for graduation for their requested semester. Students should also consult with their advisors to be sure their degree audits indicate that all requirements have been/will be met and resolve any missing requirements or potential problems as soon as possible.

Undergraduate students: Any unmet requirements showing on the degree audit will need to be resolved before your degree can be awarded.
Graduate students: Any unmet requirements showing on the degree audit will need to be resolved before your degree can be awarded. If your degree audits shows that the unmet requirement is only Departmental Check-Off, please see your graduate program advisor. Some departments wish to make the final approval of the completion of the graduate program. If this requirement shows as unmet, your advisor will need to submit written approval to the Office of Registration and Records to update that requirement on the degree audit. Your degree cannot be awarded until your graduate department has notified Registration and Records that the Departmental Check-off has been approved. 

I received notification that I have not completed all my requirements for graduation. What should I do?

You’ll need to review your degree audit report that identifies the specific remaining requirements to be met and contact your advisor with any questions regarding how best to complete them. If you will not be graduating for the degree review period you requested, you will need to reapply for graduation for the semester in which you will have completed all requirements according to the deadline dates on the chart at the beginning of this site. 

Where can I go to see my remaining graduation requirements?

You will need to refer to your degree audit for specific requirements remaining to be met for graduation. 

I don’t look at my degree audit report because I don’t think it’s correct. Will this be the only way for me to see my academic progress towards graduation?

If your degree audit is incorrect, the most likely reason is that Registration and Records has not received the appropriate documentation from the department to update your missing requirements. Documentation may be required through a substitution and waiver form, transfer credit equivalency or a final grade. It is the student’s responsibility to follow up on any unmet requirements with the appropriate department or your advisor so as not to delay the award of your degree. 

I have submitted my application for graduation but I need to submit substitutions from my advisor for missing requirements. What should I do?

Any waiver or substitution of requirements must be documented in writing from the appropriate department and submitted to the Office of Registration and Records to update the degree audit. Once submitted and processed, the degree audit will show the requirement as complete. 

What if I took courses at another institution to fulfill Brockport degree requirements?

One of the most common reasons degree awarding is delayed is when students do not submit final, official transcripts of courses completed at other colleges that are being used to complete Brockport requirements for graduation.

Undergraduate students: Official transcripts can be hand delivered or mailed in a sealed envelope to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 350 New Campus Drive, Brockport, NY, 14420. The official transcript will be evaluated by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and any applicable credit will be awarded.
Graduate students: Official transcripts can be hand delivered or mailed in a sealed envelope to the student's graduate department. Any official transcripts received from other institutions to be evaluated by the said student’s graduate department for transfer credit approval.

Hard copies of transcripts are no longer kept on file in the Office of Registration and Records.

Reviewing your Application for Graduation

Will I receive confirmation that my application was submitted?

Yes, our system will send you an email confirmation within 24 hours after you have submitted the application. 

How will I know when my application has been reviewed?

All students will receive an email notification sent to their Brockport email address indicating the result of the review. Students should then refer to their degree audits and contact their advisors for information on how best to resolve any discrepancies noted in the email. 

How long will it take to review my application for graduation?

The Office of Registration and Records will review your application to ensure that all requirements are complete and appropriately met. Due to the volume of applications received and the detail required for each review, a time frame is difficult to determine. However, our goal is to complete your graduation review as quickly as possible following receipt of your application. 

Last Updated 7/21/22