All charges are on a semesterly basis, and payment may not be deferred except on authorized financial aid.

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Some charges are compulsory for all students. Examples of compulsory charges are tuition, College Fee, Brockport Student Government Fee, Athletic Fee, Technology Fee and Health Fee. These charges are different for full-time and part-time students. You are considered a full-time student if you enroll for 12 or more credits a semester.

Tuition Rates Per Semester


Full-time Part-time - per credit



Resident $286

Excelsior Resident


Excelsior Resident $270
Non-Resident $8,325 Non-Resident $694



Full-time Part-time - per credit
Resident $5,545 Resident $462
Non-Resident $11,325 Non-Resident $944


ON-LINE ONLY RATE:  Charged to NON-RESIDENT students enrolled EXCLUSIVELY in ONLINE courses (and not living within the borders of NYS)

          SLN-ONLY Undergraduate:  $343 per credit hour/$4,120 full-time         

          SLN-ONLY Graduate:  $555 per credit hour/$6,655 full-time

MBA RATE:  Charged to graduate students officially accepted/enrolled in the MBA program

          NYS Resident Graduate:  $619 per credit hour/$7,425 full-time

          Out-of-State Graduate:  $1,016 per credit hour/$12,195 full-time

Note: Rates are subject to change without prior notice and adjustment will be made for semester(s) of attendance.

For students enrolled in the Medical Technology Program, in addition to SUNY tuition and fees, students in their clinical year will be charged tuition and fees by the School of Medical Technology (Rochester General Hospital).

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 Tuition and Fee Schedule

Last Updated 6/27/18

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