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What is Arts Integration?

The Kennedy Center defines Arts Integration is "an approach to teaching in which students construct and demonstrate understanding through an art form." Our students engage in a creative process which connects an art form and another subject area while meeting evolving objectives in both. As such, Arts Integration works to create a more meaningful and deeper understanding of content within the classroom. Arts Integration provides students with opportunities to experience new art media and to use it to explore new concepts.

Arts Integration & SummerLEAP

Arts Integration was a new concept that was introduced to SummerLEAP in 2018. We hired Arts Integration Director who majored in Arts for Children at The College at Brockport and currently teaches at Renaissance Academy Chart Arts School, a local Arts Integration school, whose student population is primarily from the City of Rochester. This teacher became our Arts Integration Director and provided professional developments for teachers who were not familiar or comfortable with Arts Integration. The Arts Integration Director provides professional developments for teachers who are not familiar or comfortable with Arts Integration and collaborates with teachers for planning and instruction that best utilizes Arts Integration.

Example of Arts Integration

In 2018, each grade level analyzed the character traits of superheroes and what makes them "super." They applied their findings and understandings to create their own original superheroes. Then they decided what art media they wanted to portray their original superhero. The students decided to portray their superheroes across three different mediums.

  • Kindergarten, first, and second graders portrayed their superheroes in an original movie. They wrote the script, created costumes, and made the props and scenes that would be used for their movie
  • Third graders made comic books that portrayed their superhero in action
  • Fourth and fifth graders created action figures to display their superheroes

The students used what they had learned from the classroom and applied what they had learned from Arts Integration to create original art work that displayed both concepts.

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