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Choice Time

Built into the daily schedule was art, swimming, and health and wellness because we believe that these activities are equally important as the time dedicated to academic subjects. In addition, students have "Choice Time" where they select a focal activity of interest. Choice Time still offers Health and Wellness and Art, but there are other activities including music, violin lessons, and dance.

Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness is a new way of looking at Physical Education. Students participate in activities such as kickball and basketball while being taught about their own well-being and how to take care of themselves. They learn how to calm themselves down after they become frustrated, becoming more aware of their and their peer's emotions. By offering structured recreation time, student’s self-regulation and awareness increase during physical activity.


Art allows students to learn how to draw their own profiles, how to create comic books, and how to manipulate wire and sculpt it into a pose. Students learn how to apply these skills in art to portray what they are thinking, feeling, and learning.

Examples of Choice Time

Violin Lessons

There were 15 violins that were donated to the program. In 2018, SummerLEAP had a staff member who has played the violin for 12 years and offered to teach violin to the students.

Students were introduced to the violin, the proper way to hold the violin, how the violins were constructed, the different parts on the violin, and even leaned to play a few songs on the instrument.


Our students love to dance. Walking through the halls of the program you will always see a student  "flossing"or "dabbing." Dance allows students to show off their skills and dance to music that they could relate to. In 2018, our 5th graders created a dance to the soundtrack from "Black Panther" and showcased the dance at our Superhero Exhibition.

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