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Community Gatherings 

      Community gathering       Leila shaking hands with Ellsworth

Every Monday we held a community gathering. This was a new activity that was added to the program this summer and it turned out to be one of the activities students and staff most looked forward to. For a majority of the day the students primarily interacted with their grade-level peers. We host multiple sets of siblings in our program but the siblings are often on different schedules since schedules vary by grade. We wanted our grades to have more interaction with one another and the idea of community gatherings was created. Community gatherings were held in the Tuttle North gym on Mondays at 1:30 pm. The grades gathered together and celebrated the beginning of a new week. At our community meetings we had “Minute to Win It” games where students were selected from each grade to compete against one another in friendly competition. The picture that is displayed to the right is one of the games that they played; the teachers wore shower caps that had shaving cream on top of them. The students' objective was to get as many cheese puffs on top of the teacher's head. It was a lot of fun and it allowed teachers and students to work with one another. We also had dance parties during our community gathering, which allowed students to dance with one another and get excited about the upcoming week.

                  Amaya accepting her award       Leila accepting her "Suphero Award"

At the community gathering we also handed out “Superhero Award”. Each grade submitted a student’s name who had displayed a character trait of a superhero. For example, one of our first graders received an award for teamwork while  a fourth grader received one for always being kind in the classroom. These awards were then presented to the students during the community gathering where everybody would cheer and celebrate them. What really made the superhero award's special, was that we had various superheroes from the campus hand out the awards. We had the University Police, chefs from BASC, the athletic director, and even Ellsworth come in to present the awards. The students loved meeting new heroes and it allowed them to realize that superheroes are not just the ones who wear fancy costumes and have super-human powers, but they exist in our community.

Last Updated 12/11/18

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