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Program Theme

In 2018, SummerLEAP decided to integrate an overarching theme that spans the entirety of the program. Throughout the program, grade levels work con a project that uses the theme as a core component

At the end of the program, all of the grades come together on the final day to celebrate their success and share their projects with family and community members.

Superheroes — 2018

The overarching theme for the summer of 2018 was “Superhero-Super You!” Students explored what a superhero is, compared and contrasted the different qualities of a superhero and a supervillain, and then created their own superhero based on what they had learned about what constitutes a superhero.

Along with exploring different superheroes, each grade adopted a superhero name:

  • Kindergarten – Justice League
  • First grade – The Incredibles
  • Second grade – The Defenders
  • Third grade – The Avengers
  • Fourth grade – The Fantastic 4
  • Fifth grade – The Black Panthers

Each grade was tasked of creating their own original superhero - they had to include an origin story, the superpower that the superhero possess, the physical qualities of their superhero, and a short story about their superhero in action. Once they had created their superhero, each grade chose a different art media to portray their original superheroes.

Game Changers — 2019

For the 2019 program, SummerLEAP decided to take a different approach to our theme — board games. Research shows that playing games is a valuable method for children to learn. Children learn how to obey rules, many games factor in math and reading comprehension, how to be a good winner/loser, but most importantly — they learn how to play.

Our students spent the program developing their own board games in which they presented to the entire program on the final day. Students were encouraged to integrate their favorite part of learning into the project. They modeled their games after beloved board games and students used themes and ideas from their favorite books, including Harry Potter and Wonder.

  • Our kindergarteners created “Kinderopoly” a life size game modeled after Monopoly.
  • The combined kindergarten and first grade class made a Candy Land scavenger hunt.
  • Our second graders used twister and the zones of regulation for their game.
  • Third grade created scrabble boards based off their summer book, Wonder.
  • Fourth grade fell in love with the I Survived series and created a thrilling and adventurous scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunts were based off of different natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes.
  • Fifth grade took their love of Harry Potter to the next level by creating a scavenger hunt and costumes to match the characters in the books.
  • Sixth grade followed suit by building a scavenger hunt for first grade students.

View our 2019 games slideshow to get a closer look at our students' games.

Games Slideshow

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