Webpage Elements

Definition: Elements are the individual items on our web pages.

Main Page Content

We have MANY elements that can be used in different configurations on our site. This should allow the construction of many different pages, which require different amounts and types of content.

Elements can be turned on and off as needed, with the exception of the top navigation, the breadcrumbs and page title, and the footer.

When constructing pages, it is nessesary to break up the colored blocks with white areas, to keep the page from getting too heavy and confusing.

If you do not see an element that will work with your content or idea, please reach out to webteam@brockport.edu.

List of Elements

Carosels & Slideshows


Text Blocks


  • callout_row_three
  • callout_row_three_photo
  • callout_row_two
  • callout_single
  • callout_block_list


  • events_feed
  • news_feed

Side Navigation

  • callout_sidebar_contact
  • social_media_icons
  • table_of_contents


  • kaltura_player
  • mach_form

Last Updated 5/26/21