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At this point in time, only the horizontal logo is used on the website, white text reversed out on a green background, as shown to the left. Usage on the website should follow the college brand guide.

Logo Variations

The logo presents itself in only two ways: centered and flush left. Care should be taken to ALWAYS use the established logo art files which can be obtained from the Office of College Communications. NEVER attempt to recreate the logo—neither the shield nor the typography.

Within the centered and the flush left presentations the logo can be either color (positive or reversed), black, or reversed white. (There is a white holding line around the shield in all logos.) For single color applications, always use the black and white versions of the marks.

Brockport Logo Varation Examples

Spacing & Sizes

When using the logo, it should occupy its own space. This space is determined by the height of the “B” in the name and using that measurement to determine the perimeter (top, bottom, left, right) of the space around the logo. Other objects (type, graphic elements, photos, etc.) should not “invade” this space.

To maintain readability of all logo text, the horizontal logo should never be used smaller than 250 pixels wide by 60 pixels high. There is no maximum size requirement.

Brockport Logo Spacing


The favicon for SUNY Brockport website is the logo crest.

Last Updated 7/23/21