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Brockport / Title IX / Reporting Process

Reporting Process

The College has made significant efforts to provide training and preparation needed to assist victims of sexual assault. We have created a safe environment for victims seeking services, reporting incidents and filing criminal reports. Sexual assault is an illegal act that may be punishable through the criminal justice system and the College’s student conduct system.
The College investigates all complaints of sexual misconduct and responds promptly, providing a supportive environment for students coming forward. The College at Brockport’s Code of Student Conduct has defined Sexual Misconduct [embed link to Code here] to refer to a broad range of behaviors including but not limited to:

  • sexual harassment
  • non-consensual sexual contact
  • non-consensual sexual intercourse
  • sexual exploitation.
  1. Safety Assessment
    1. Is the victim safe now?
    2. If not, call University Police at 585-395-2222 if on campus or 911 if off-campus. To contact the Brockport Police Department directly call (585) 637-1011. They are located at 1 Clinton Street in Brockport. Brockport Police Department Email contact:
  2. Medical
    1. Does the victim need or want medical intervention?
    2. If the victim wants an evidence collection exam, refer them to the SAFE Center (Sexual Assault Forensic Exam Center) at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester or United Memorial Hospital in Batavia.
    3. For treatment of injuries from the assault, or to receive STI, HIV and Pregnancy intervention, victims may also be seen at Hazen Hall at the Brockport Health Center. It is important to remember that not all injuries are immediately evident, so even going on a regular doctor visit will be important for a victim of assault.
    4. If the victim wants to collect evidence, rape kits can be done at Strong Memorial Hospital Emergency Room. If the victim is thinking of having evidence collected, be sure to reinforce that they should save all evidence possible from the assault. Evidence is best when it is collected within 72 hours of the assault. The evidence, regardless of whether the victim presses legal charges, will be held in the hospital it was collected from, for 30 days in a secure area.
  3. Legal
    1. Does the victim wish to report the sexual assault to law enforcement?
    2. If the assault occurred on campus, contact University police at (585) 395-2222. If off campus, call 911.
    3. Victims may also file a proxy report if they wish to report the incident without pressing charges. Proxy reports can be taken by the Police and through Rape Crisis Services.
  4. Campus Conduct
    1. Is the victim interested in pursuing campus conduct reporting and procedures?
  5. Counseling
    1. The College at Brockport Counseling Center has a counselor who specializes in sexual assault and abuse. Contact 585-395-2207 during regular business hours to set up an appointment, Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm.
    2. The Rape Crisis Services provides trained advocates who are available by phone and in person 24/7, to assist victims of sexual assault and sexual abuse. Call (800) 527-1757.
    3. Both services are free and confidential. None of the information revealed by the victim will be released without their permission. Victims are encouraged to utilize either or both services whether the assault/abuse occurred recently or in the past.

Last Updated 10/30/15