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Transfer Student Resources and Information

**New Transfer Student Checklist**
Brockport Bound

New Transfer Student Orientation

The Online Orientation Modules provide new transfer students with the necessary information for a successful transition to The College at Brockport. Students will be notified via email when the modules are available once deposited.

  • This group of online modules is designed to acquaint you with College policies and procedures and MUST be completed before the end of the third week of classes. We will provide Web location, availability, login information, and completion requirements via email.

New transfer students will be charged a transfer orientation fee of $75 (placed on student bill). The fee is used to offset expenses associated with the College's registration and orientation activities for new transfer students. It is assessed to all students who enter as transfers with 24 or more credits and covers the cost of the first semester advisement, registration and all orientation events during and before the first semester. Students who do not attend all orientation events are still assessed the fee. 

New Transfer Student Welcome

At the welcome, students will have an opportunity to meet Transfer Peer Mentors, obtain student ID, interact with other new transfer students as well as learn more about the academic expectations and resources available.  Check-in begins at 8:30 am in the Union Ballroom.

RSVP (beginning August 1) required at or (585) 395-5397.  Program includes breakfast and lunch free for students, guests are $20.


Transfer Academic Planning Seminar

Be sure to register for GEP 300, TAPS this fall!

GEP 300.03 Mondays 5:05-5:55 pm (CRN 3323)
GEP 300.01 Tuesdays 12:55-1:45 pm (CRN 3139)
GEP 300.02 Wednesdays 10:10-11 am (CRN 3140)

The Transfer/Retention Center-
C7 Cooper Hall

The Transfer/Retention Center is open until 9 pm on Mondays!  The goal of the Center is to provide all students with support as they begin and continue their transition to the College. The Center has a computer lab and a lounge with hot coffee and refreshments. The transfer-year and first-year experience coordinators have moved their offices down to C7 as well. 

Stop by and see us!

Be sure to check out the schedule of workshops specific to transfer students' needs!

Dear Transfer Student,

coordinatorOn behalf of The College at Brockport community, I am so pleased you have chosen our institution to further your education. While you are a current student, please be sure to take advantage of the many different resources we have to offer.

The Transfer Experience Office is located in the Transfer Center in C7, Cooper Hall. We hold your success as one of our highest priorities and look forward to assisting you in being successful at the College. As such, we understand that success can be measured both in and out of the classroom and have developed many new programs to lend to your academic achievements while you are a student at Brockport. Whether you become involved in our Transfer Peer Mentor Program, sit in on a couple of our Transfer Topics Workshops or sign up for one of our Transfer Academic Planning Seminars (TAPS), it’s important that you locate and take advantage of at least one of our resources specific to your needs.

If you find that you are in need of some guidance through your transition to the College, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office. I look forward to meeting you and wish you luck in all of your educational endeavors.

Erin Rickman
Transfer-year Experience Coordinator

Current Transfers: Contact Us
Transfer-year Experience
(first semester programming, transition assistance)

Phone: (585) 395-5439


Prospective Transfers: Contact Us
Undergraduate Admissions
(application, tour/campus visit, etc…)

Phone: (585) 395-2751


Last Updated 4/6/16