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New Student Registration Programs

Fall 2016

For Freshmen

For Transfers and Readmits


At The College at Brockport, you will find that although we separate the process of registration (course selection) from the other activities you'll experience in our freshman Orientation program, we do work very closely in order to give you the best schedule, service, and overall experience possible as you make this transition from high school to college.

Registration for entering freshmen at The College at Brockport is handled through the mail and Web Banner (our Campus Information System) by a team of dedicated, well-trained and experienced faculty advisors. At least half of your course schedule is prescribed for you based upon your high school performance (including SAT and/or ACT scores), as well as the program of study you may have chosen at Brockport. By completing the Freshman Course Preference Request on Web Banner (directions to the Course Preference Request are included in the mailing you'll receive once you pay your deposit), you will help us select the rest of the courses that will complete your course schedule for that important first semester. To help you understand and complete the Course Preference Request, you should also download and read the Freshman Registration Manual.

You will receive your course schedule together with a form that, if you choose, will enable you to reserve your textbooks in advance. You can then plan to arrive at Brockport registered for classes and ready to devote your full attention to getting acquainted with your new classmates and participating fully in Orientation and Welcome Weekend. For entering students, you can find information regarding Brockport's Orientation program on the Orientation Web site. You'll also want to check out Brockport Bound for more information.

The Freshman Course Preference information letter is scheduled to be sent to you once you pay your advance tuition deposit (starting May 1, 2016). Watch for this important mailing!



The College at Brockport offers new transfer students and students accepted for readmission who are returning to Brockport after an absence of one or more semesters the opportunity to register by working with their academic department to choose classes for the upcoming semester. Here is an outline of the process for Registration:

1. You will receive your acceptance letter from Admissions.

2. Shortly after receiving your acceptance letter you will receive information from Academic Advisement on paying your deposit and accessing other resources to aid in your transition to Brockport.

3. Within two weeks of paying your deposit (beginning in mid-March), you will receive an email with instruction on how to connect with your academic department for advisement and course registration.

4. You will work with your academic department to formulate a list of potential classes for your upcoming semester.

5. You will be able to register according to the Registration Schedule once you have your list of potential classes and your advisement key number from the advisor. Your class standing is determined by the number of credits completed by the end of Winter 2016.

6. The online Course Schedule is available so that you can find sections of the recommended classes that best suit your needs and build your schedule.